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Marketing jobs include a broad range of opportunities in communications or sales. Marketing work typically supports a product or company, either through brand awareness to consumers, clients or other businesses, product launches and/or company communications pieces. Marketing careers vary from copywriter jobs, in which the writer keeps the company or brand message focused and appropriate for the target audience to market research analyst jobs, that test the marketplace for the viability of a product or the company’s overarching message.

Marketing research jobs generally involve focus groups, along with online tracking methods to keep in touch with a company or brand’s core audience. Depending on the results of measured groups that are being reached, those in marketing analyst jobs will determine more effective means of advertisement or online brand awareness to try to focus on target groups. Due to the somewhat scientific nature of the work, market analyst jobs are generally given to those with a college degree, and increasingly, those with a master’s or even doctorate - depending on the methodology used.

Most companies have an internal marketing department to get the core message across and launch new products. The marketing team supports the sales group, who are able to more effectively sell the product with collateral pieces including brochures, advertisements, newsletters and Web sites. Entry-level positions- although an undergraduate degree is preferred- include marketing coordinator jobs, which handle an influx of marketing needs and sometimes include public relations pieces. Depending on the level of experience, coordinators can generally move up to manager and director positions.

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